Academic Founders

Dr. Paul Yu
Associate Professor, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School – M.D./Ph.D. Duke University
Dr. Paul Yu is Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Physician in Cardiovascular Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Dr. Yu completed his A.B. in Philosophy and a B.S. in Biological Sciences at Stanford University, M.D. and Ph.D. (Immunology) degrees at Duke University. He completed residency in Internal Medicine at the University of California at San Francisco, clinical and research fellowships in Cardiovascular Disease at Massachusetts General Hospital, and is board certified in Cardiovascular Medicine. Dr. Yu’s laboratory studies the function of bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) signaling in development, and in vascular and musculoskeletal disease. The main focus of his laboratory’s work is to discern how BMP/TGF-β signaling achieves spatio-temporal and functional specificity, and modulates the tissue-specific consequences of inflammation and injury.
Dr. Greg Cuny
Associate Professor, University of Houston – Ph.D. MIT
Gregory Cuny is Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry in the Department of Pharmacological and Pharmaceutical Sciences in the College of Pharmacy at the University of Houston where he contributes to the PharmD and graduate program medicinal chemistry curriculum.

His research interests focus on developing chemical probes that can be used to study patho-physiology and to establish new therapeutic strategies. He has co-authored more than 125 peer-reviewed manuscripts, is an inventor on more than 50 issued US patents and participated in the creation of several companies. He earned a PhD in organic chemistry from MIT. After nine years in industry, he moved to Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School for eleven years where he worked on an array of drug discovery projects, including the development of activin receptor-like kinase 2 (ALK2) inhibitors in collaboration with Paul Yu, Randy Peterson and the late Kenneth Bloch.

Dr. Randall Peterson
Dean, College of Pharmacy, University of Utah – Ph.D. Harvard
Randall T. Peterson, PhD is a chemical biologist whose research utilizes high- throughput screening technologies to discover new drug candidates for cardiovascular and nervous system disorders.

Unlike conventional drug discovery programs that utilize simplified, in vitro assays, the Peterson lab screens using living zebrafish, ensuring that the drug candidates discovered are active in vivo. Several of the compounds discovered by the Peterson laboratory have become widely used research tools or are in clinical development. Dr. Peterson received his PhD from Harvard University where he studied as a Howard Hughes Medical Institute predoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Stuart Schreiber. He completed a postdoctoral fellowship with Mark Fishman at Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Peterson spent 14 years as a faculty member at Harvard University where he was the Charles Addison and Elizabeth Ann Sanders Chair in Basic Science at Harvard Medical School, Scientific Director of the MGH Cardiovascular Research Center, and Senior Associate Member of the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT. In 2017 he moved to the University of Utah as L.S. Skaggs Presidential Endowed Professor and Dean of the College of Pharmacy.